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    We are located in Fukuoka, Japan

    Fukuoka City has been selected as "Best in Travel" for 2023 by Lonely Planet. Use our directory to find Fukuoka's best businesses.

  • Open Mind focuses on three things:


    (1) We help Small & Medium-sized Japanese Enterprises (SMEs) reach the global market.


    Together with us, Japan's SMEs can sell abroad more profitably and with less effort. We guide brand development, direct PR & marketing, plan & produce digital media, create and edit text, and assist with business communication.


    (2) We help fast-track market-entry into Japan for products and services, teaming up with Japan-based experts.


    (3) We promote Kyushu as a richly enticing tourist destination. We're ready to guide visitors to great places.


    If you would care to discuss how Open Mind can enhance your business, please CONTACT US.

  • Open Mind

    A Range of Media and Communication Services

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    Your Online Presence

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    Copywriting & Editing

    Effective messaging

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    Translation &


    Japanese to English

    English to Japanese

    And More...

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    Video Production

    Total Production & Editing

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    Audio Production


    Sound Design

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    Super-Rapid Editing Service

    Proofreading, Editing, & Copywriting

    When you need it right now!

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    Fukuoka Plus

    "All of Fukuoka In English"

    Business Directory

  • What OPEN MIND PRoduceS

    We Optimize Your Media & Communication; You Focus On Your Core Business

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    Websites for International Lawyers

    Clearly Communicate In English

    Shimizu Immigration Consulting Office guides clients through Japan immigration, business formation, and offers general living advice for English-speakers setting-up shop in Japan. Open Mind chose their new domain name, shot photos, created text, and built their website, transforming their business which now reaches clients from over 30 countries.

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    Websites for Tourism

    English-language Promotion

    Japan Cycling Tours has been running bike tours in Japan for over 16 years. Open Mind created an informative one-pager for them that makes it easy for smartphone and PC users to get the information they need when planning their next adventure. The downhill video is scary.

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    Award-Winning Documentary

    Documentary "Shinto: Kami No Michi" directed by Tom Sajewski (t.sajewski@dop.film)


    Awarded Best Short Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Roma Short Film Festival 2021.


    Open Mind enabled Mr. Sajewski to capture an up-close look at the world of Shinto, including an exclusive, ancient ceremony during the transition from "Heisei" to the "Reiwa" Era at Daizafu Tenmangu.

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    Unique Visual Promotion

    Open Mind provided the main model for the August 2019 in-flight magazine cover. Photo by photograph-r.

    Video Editing

    Establishing A Brand Image

    Junno Design's top-selling wood care product line is made in Fukuoka. To convey their brand image, we re-worked their footage, adding sound to create a more compelling story.

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    Cultural Promotion

    Anticipating TOKYO 2020

    The Imagine One World Kimono Project produced 216 handmade kimonos with artisans throughout Japan. Each one is a priceless work of art, created for each nation and territory competing in Tokyo 2020. Different kimonos were featured every week on their English-language Facebook page.

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    Tourism Promotion

    Sharing Kyushu's Magic

    Our team hits Kyushu's backroads, tea fields, rice terraces, farms, hot springs, temples, historical sites, restaurants, local inns, and country homes.

    Acting, Singing, Modeling

    TV & Web Commercials

    Toyota dealers in Kyushu and Okinawa get some of their *star*power from our network of actors & singers.

    Voiceovers for TV Promotions

    An International Brand in Japan

    Open Mind recorded voiceovers in Japanese and English for this ad campaign. A & W was established in California in 1919. By far Okinawa's most popular fast food outlet, their burgers, hot dogs & all-you-can-drink root beer are amazing.

  • Some OF Our ClientS

    From top brands to local heroes

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    TOTO Ltd.

    Marketing, Training

    Created marketing copy in seven languages, assisted new product promotion in Japan and the USA, coached CEO and trained the International Division in communication skills.

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    The North Face

    Product Evaluation, Logistics Programming

    Handled expedition logistics programming in Seattle. Tested outdoor products in Swiss Alps, US & Canadian Rockies, Cascade & Olympic Mountains.

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    Witt O'Brien's

    Emergency Management

    Witt O'Brien's specializes in crisis and emergency management for vessels that enter US waters. Open Mind handles mission-critical documentation and coordinates local staff, providing better service for their valued Japan-based clients.

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    A & W


    Recorded voiceovers for A&W Okinawa's wildly-popular tv marketing campaign.

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    With Tokyo designer, T. Tajima, we made GUNDAM's inner thoughts accessible to the world in English.

    Published by Kodansha.

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    Matsuri In Kyushu

    Tourism Promotion & Strategy

    Creating tourism experiences with Hakata Foodie for Japanese festivals in Kyushu.

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    Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization

    Tourism Promotion

    Written content and images for official website: We design and produce and materials for the international market.

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    Canal City


    Increased customer numbers through aggressive tv/radio promo campaign with

    Dentsu Kyushu.

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    Kyushu University


    Marketed the university's advanced informatics technology. Established joint-research projects with top European and Australian universities.

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    Growth Next

    Translation & Editing

    Provided English-language promotional text, organized business meet-ups for

    international community.

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    Startup Fukuoka

    Business Promotion

    Operated Open Mind Booth as Fukuoka City Delegate to Latitude 54 in Tallinn, Estonia, toured venture support facilities in Helsinki, Finland.

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    Congress Center

    PR & Marketing

    Managed English language copywriting for Fukuoka's main conference center.

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    Bayside Place


    Public Wi-Fi

    Brought public Wi-Fi to

    Bayside Place Hakata,

    increasing customer traffic.

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    Kyushu National Museum

    PR & Marketing

    As editors, Open Mind had the final word on English language promotional materials.

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    Solaria Plaza Tenjin

    Radio & TV Voiceovers

    Recorded voiceovers for seasonal promotions,

    Increasing customer numbers.

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    Provided chief Japanese to English interpreter for G20 YEA Summit tour of Toyota Kyushu Miyata Plant and Yaskawa Electric Corporation.

  • Your Partner IN Japan

    Empowering Japanese SMEs to Connect with the World

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    Bruce R. Haendel

    Co-Founder & Director

    At Open Mind, KK, we are proud to have Bruce Haendel as a founding member of our team. Bruce is a seasoned professional in marketing and business communication, with a proven track record in promoting businesses and organizations on a global scale. His exceptional writing skills, combined with his expertise in digital promotion, make him a valuable asset to our company and our clients.


    As the head of building the online community for Fukuoka-Plus.com, Bruce ensures that each company listed on the directory receives a full-featured, SEO-optimized website with branding, SNS, chat, maps, and compelling text. This makes it easy for international users to find and target their search, resulting in increased visibility and market reach for our clients.


    Bruce's work has earned him high praise from industry leaders and his commitment to connecting entrepreneurs has made him a well-respected member of the business community in Fukuoka City. His experience as a research fellow for the MIMO-MESH Project at Kyushu University and co-organizer of the popular meetup Business Casual further demonstrate his passion for innovation and business development.


    At Open Mind, KK, we are committed to helping Japanese SME business owners reach their full potential by providing them with international business communication services. With the help of Fukuoka-Plus.com and Bruce Haendel's expertise, these businesses can be empowered to increase their market reach and target an international audience. We highly recommend our services to anyone looking to expand their business and reach their goals.

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    Received this testimonial dated June 2022, from Dr. Yuichi Narukiyo, Director and Managing Executive Officer of TOTO, Ltd. : “Thanks to Bruce-san, I managed to get the job done overseas. I believe that your guidance to the members of TOTO is one of the major factors that made us successful in...
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