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    Looking to expand your market or build a stronger brand? We are experts at marketing communications. We help you prepare press releases, online content, business cards, catalogs, pamphlets, posters, presentations, packaging, manuals, websites, and mobile apps... whatever you need to deliver YOUR message.


    Bringing a new product or service into Japan? Let's jumpstart your market entry together. Need connections to great people in business, government, academia, art, music, or sports? You've come to the right place.


    If you wish to arrange an engagement, please CONTACT US.

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    What We Delivered

    Tourism Consulting

    We offer guidance to enrich the in-bound tourist experience in West Japan. With the 2020 Olympics fast approaching, we help implement active, cultural, green tourism for travelers to Kyushu Island.

    Mobile Print System

    PhonePrint is a palm-sized wireless mobile print system for Android devices. Open Mind sources software development, assists with funding, and volume sales.


    TOTO, one of Japan’s largest corporations, contracted us to create text announcing their new products to the international market in 7 languages.


    TOTO is a global market leader and enjoys luxury brand status worldwide.

    Presentation Coaching

    Prepped TOTO's CEO for Annual General Meetings and enhanced the International Division's presentations.

    Business Optimization

    Delivered branding, online content, sourced partners, and new leadership for PicoCELA Technology's global licensing strategy for the IoT.


    Gundam fans can share the character’s ironic inner thoughts, thanks to our English translation in Teruhisa Tajima's ground-breaking Gundam Photography (Kodansha).

    M&A Support

    Helped Protel International (now Altium, a market-leading PCB tool provider) to acquire their Japanese distributor just prior to listing on the Australian Stock Exchange.


    Japanese researchers’ presentations met with little or no response at international conferences until they asked us to improve their scripts.


    We removed grammatical errors and awkward phrases. Attendees began asking questions and forming lasting

    international collaborations.


    A Fukuoka graphic design firm sought assistance with re-branding.


    We helped them choose a new name that sounded great in both English and Japanese.

    Event Planning and Promotion

    During the historic Japan visit of Prince Alfred of Liechtenstein, we arranged accommodations, transportation, promotion,

    VIP banquet, mayoral visit, and public forum with simultaneous translation. Prince Alfred is Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Vienna-based International Peace Foundation.

  • Your New Partners

    Bruce R. Haendel

    Co-Founder, Director


    Bruce is your new right-hand man, with more than 32 years of Japan experience in hundreds of print, TV, radio, video, web, and mobile tech projects.


    One of Fukuoka's first internet users and content creators, he has a highly diverse human network forged from work and travel in nearly 50 countries.


    Bruce holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Washington. He lectured at Kyushu Institute of Technology for 15 years and at Nakamura Gakuen University's School of Business, Marketing, and Distribution, for 7 years.

    Ling Zang

    Co-Founder, Trainer


    Ling, a former Chinese National Badminton Team Player, speaks three languages: Japanese, English, and Mandarin Chinese.


    She trains Japan's Junior National Team, the Fukuoka University Badminton Team, Fukuoka Jyogakuin Badminton Team, and interprets for the Japan Para-Badminton Association. Based in Fukuoka, she regularly coaches in Tokyo and around the world.


    Ling joined China's most prestigious sports academy at age 9 and began traveling to international competitions at age 14. She was invited to Japan as a professional athlete in 1995.

  • Strategic Partners

    A Super Team At Your Service!


    Market Entry & Business Strategy


    IT & IP Strategy Advisory Group SA, , headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland since 1982. Core activities include legal consulting, IT-related services, photography, web-design, business promotion and advice. Fukuoka office since 2009.


    Educational App Development


    FUNX develops games, educational software and tech innovations that are changing the world. Creators of software for PhonePrint and cloud-based system for PhonicsByPhone.

    Stellar Jay Films

    Aerial Drone



    Outstanding aerial drone photography and video-editing with a unique perspective. Awarded top honors by Mayor Soichiro Takashima at the Fukuoka Drone Creative Contest in Japan, May 23, 2017.


    Risuke Office

    Communications and Planning


    Risuke is comprised of talented writers, artists, and planners. Risuke serves academic, corporate, and governmental clients, with offices in Tokyo and Fukuoka. Partner since 1992.

    Educators International

    UK Registered Global Charity

    EI introduces

    programs of national education reform in developing countries for early years, primary and secondary schools, vocational, university and professional training. Registered with HMRC (XT35297) and the Charity Commission.(1156412).


    Mobile Printing For Android Devices


    Wirelessly print any text, any language, any font size from your Android device. Print high-contrast B&W images anywhere. Ultra-portable, weighing 134g. Thermal printer needs no costly ink. Developed for emerging markets by Educators International.


    Sport Training & International Exchange


    Private and group classes for all ages and abilities, including special needs, with an international flair and music for kinesthetic awareness. Sports exchange tours to Japan for English, Chinese, and Japanese-speaking athletes.

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