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Fukuoka PLUS

Fukuoka's Globally Minded Business Directory

Bruce Haendel of OPEN MIND has recently joined Felix Rossa as a co-founder of FUKUOKA+ . We have started re-focusing the page in order to build a new, interactive, online community based on highlighting globally-minded businesss that serve Fukuoka. Our aim is to create a handy resource for anyone looking for information on all sorts of businesses, as well as a very supportive business community, in one, easy-to-search location.

We are hosting event information that is relevant to the international community. Our first listing is the 2022 JALT Conference in Fukuoka; ours is the most thorough listing of this upcoming event.

There are many great businesses in Fukuoka, both Japanese-owned and others, that welcome more international traffic. For those who may need help, we will get them registered AND build their listings, a great value to non-native speakers of English.

For business owners who have a command of English, upon registration, you can create a free business listing, post job listings, and start sharing and taking advantage of the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop. This is where businesses will act as suppliers for the entire Fukuoka+ Community, offering exclusive members-only perks called a "PLUS." These serve to increase your market and give you a chance to try goods and services from other businesses at unheard of rates, in hopes that we will directly support each other, offer frank reviews, and increase our prosperity together! You might even find strategic partners for future projects after gaining some real-world experience working together.


Fukuoka+ will be featuring our esteemed members, adding stories weekly in our Business Spotlight, in upcoming NEWS articles. Here you will find out more about member companies and their unique PLUSes.

For the time being, listing on Fukuoka+ is 100% FREE, so why not check us out?





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