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Fukuoka PLUS

Fukuoka's Globally Minded Business Directory

Bruce Haendel of OPEN MIND has recently joined the FUKUOKA-PLUS.COM team with a mission to build a new and interactive online directory and community of globally-minded small and medium-sized businesses in Fukuoka. The goal is to provide a convenient resource for anyone seeking information on businesses in the area and to foster a supportive business community.

Fukuoka Plus will feature event information relevant to the international community, starting with the 2022 JALT Conference in Fukuoka. This was the most comprehensive listing of the event.

The directory is designed to help businesses, both Japanese-owned and others, welcome more international traffic and promote themselves in English. Business owners with a even the most basic understanding of the English language can register and create their own business listing, post job openings, and take advantage of the Fukuoka+ PLUS Shop. Or we can register and build the sites for them This is a platform where businesses can act as suppliers for the entire Fukuoka+ community, offering exclusive member-only perks called "PLUS." These benefits will help increase market exposure and offer the opportunity to try goods and services from other businesses at special rates. This not only helps support each other, but also provides a chance for frank reviews and mutual growth. will also feature our esteemed members in Business Spotlight articles and upcoming news. This is where you can learn more about member companies and their unique offerings.

For the time being, registration, creating and hosting business listings on Fukuoka+ is completely free. So, why not check us out and see what opportunities await you at





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