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Feedback is always welcome, especially when it's glowing!

Received this testimonial dated June 2022, from Dr. Yuichi Narukiyo, Director and Managing Executive Officer of TOTO, Ltd. :

“Thanks to Bruce-san, I managed to get the job done overseas. I believe that your guidance to the members of TOTO is one of the major factors that made us successful in our overseas business.”

Dr. Yuichi Narukiyo has served as Director and Managing Executive Officer since 2014 and has been in charge of Legal Affairs, Human Resources, Accounting & Finance, Information System Planning, General Affairs, Logistics, Purchasing and Engineering Works.

Toto, Ltd. is a global $5.7B (annual sales, March 2022) company engaged in the manufacture and sale of restroom, bath & kitchen equipment, ceramics, and eco-friendly materials.