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Shinto: The Way Of The Kami, Directed by Tom Sawjewski

Tom reached out to Open Mind to fulfill his dream of filming an in-depth look at Shinto, Japan's indigenous religion. Little did he know when he and his cameraman arrived from Central Europe in April 2019, that he would be able to capture the transition from Heisei to Reiwa inside Dazaifu Tenmangu in Daizaifu City, Fukuoka, the very site where the term "Reiwa" was coined in ancient Japanese poetry. 

Filming took place at several important locations in Fukuoka Prefecture. After a long delayed period of post-production, the film is finally being screened at important film festivals around the world!


Results are in from the 2021 Roma Short Film Festival, and we could not be happier: We just received certificates from Rome: Best Short Documentary Award and Official Selection in Best Cinematography category. Hurray! 

Also, the award was just added to our IMDb webpage: (only important awards are listed on IMDb).

Thank you to all great people involved in this project:

Hiroko Takayama, Paweł Pawciu, Dora Laszlo-Gulyas, Richard Berkeley, Daniel de la Rosa Oliva, Sylwia Spodobalska, Maciej Iwanowski, Bruce Haendel, Bartek Cymbalista, Aga Wołejko, Wojciech Klich

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