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How a local immigration lawyer boosted his business

Open Mind creates clear, informational websites for a range of clients at reasonable rates. We build responsive one-pagers that are easy to read on mobile devices or computers.

One local client, Mr. Hiroshi Shimizu, a specialist on Japan immigration and business incorporation, came to us looking to expand his business. We worked with him to change his image and truly extend his reach, as his client base was all English-speaking, with many of them residing outside of Japan. Now that Japan is re-opening, Mr. Shimizu has seen a large influx of international enquires. We think the new domain name we suggested, as well as his clear and bold website have helped. He agrees! His website is here. 

Here is what Mr. Shimizu says:

"Open Mind created our sophisticated and attractive website. It has given us great opportunities to be found by a lot of potential clients all over the world."

Open Mind continues to create websites that communicate clearly and get your message across. Our specialty is English, but we also see excellent results with multilingual sites in English/Japanese/Chinese. Let's see what we can do for you! Get in touch!





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